What has COVID-19 taught us?

What has COVID-19 taught us?

07/02/2020 Banking

At Southern Security, we pride ourselves on being a place where “it’s all about you,’ the member. During COVID-19 we realized that to make that statement true we had to quickly, and swiftly roll out tools for our members to keep them safe, informed, and create ease. We were able to partner with organizations to quickly provide video banking, online financial education courses and PTMs (personal teller machines), in addition to our mobile/online banking tools that are already available to our members. Our online banking features services like mobile check deposit, transfer to and from other financial institutions, access to account details and history, and much more. We now had a toolkit to allow our members to conduct their business while keeping them safe from the comfort of their home or car. We had to make big decisions and quick. Are we willing to spend money at a time when we know our revenue is going down? That was an easy answer, YES! We understand our purpose, to be stewards and assist our members in the best way we know how.

We launched video banking within weeks of the pandemic quarantine. Our members are able to speak to a staff member face to face from the comfort of their home and conduct an inquiry on their account, dispute an item, apply for a loan, etc. Our mobile app, Southern Security video banking makes it easy to essentially FaceTime with your banker.

Our next move was to find ways for members to conduct transactions like deposits, withdrawals and transfers in a safe environment. We are launching PTMs at our Bartlett and Poplar locations the week of July 12th. These machines that look a lot like an ATM allows you to press speak to a teller on the screen and immediately a teller will pop up to help you conduct a transaction. Forgot your debit card? No problem, the teller can look it up with your driver’s license and finish that transaction for you. In a hurry? This allows you to be swift and move on with your day. Most importantly the PTM allows you to conduct your transactions in a safe environment with the current COVID pandemic.

COVID-19 has been a life changing experience for us all. We at Southern Security have decided to learn and innovate from the pandemic. Our members and staff’s safety are of the upmost importance for us. We have put items in place in our branches to ensure social distancing, and safety of everyone. Please learn more about us at our website southernsecurity.org.


-Hinna Jamal

Director of Operations

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